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About Us

Spoon Health is a Malaysia-Based Online Retailer, Wholesaler and Distributor of Certified Organic Food & Natural Food Products.

Spoon Health is Malaysia’s leading organic and natural food supplier, providing a great range of high quality, nutritious, healthy, ethically sourced pantry staples and health product.

We provide a great selection of products for the environmentally responsible consumer, the conscious business owner or the family nurturer; all of whom no longer want to accept compromises regarding their nutrition, their health or our environment.

We source local and international organic and natural products from farmers we know and partners we trust and build meaningful relationships with those around us.

Our Vision

To Make a Positive Contribution to the Health and Wellness to the Global Community

Our values are at the heart of what we do and reflect what is important to us, how we do business and fulfil our vision.

Our Values

  • We are committed to offering meaningful value to our customers and a place to shop where value and values go hand in hand.
  • We will not compromise on our core values in order to provide so called ‘cheap’ products or products that we feel are compromised in their value.
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality, healthiest products to as many people as possible at an affordable price.
  • We want as many people as possible to be eating well, being able to afford to do so, and living their best life.

Our Values Promise

  • To provide high quality products with integrity at a competitive price.
  • Where possible to work directly with growers and suppliers and source our products as close to their origin as possible to avoid unnecessary handling and distribution costs and ensure the best possible price for our customers.
  • To innovate and operate all parts of the business as efficiently as possible so as to reduce costs and pass these savings on to our customer
  • To offer value to our customers lives through education around healthy eating and healthy living.

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